Words have power.  They have the most influence on how you truly see yourself. Many times when you say words that are tied to a negative statement, that targets a perceived limiting ability.

mental game

Your ability to achieve starts with how you see yourself. No matter what you say with your mouth, the world will know what you really believe in how you do.  Emerson said it this way, “What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying.”  If you really want to perform at your highest potential you must avoid the following nine words when reasoning. Each word will be accompanied by a few examples, a short list.

#1. Nothing

Nothing ever seems to go right for you.

You feel you are nothing.

You have nothing to give.

Nothing works.

#2. Always

You always make that same mistake when it comes to your jump shot.

You’re always lying.

It’s always your fault.

Trouble always finds you.

They’re always upset with you.

#3. Only

You’re the only one experiencing problems in your relationship, performance, life etc.

You’re only a loser.

These are your only options.

This is your only way out.

If only….

The only thing I can do is….

#4. Never

You never get your speech right.

You’ll never have a successful relationship/find love.

You’ll never be successful.

You’ll never be able to see enjoy life.

#5. Everyone

Everyone is talking about you.

Everyone else has a better life than you.

Everyone is laughing at your failures.

#6. Impossible

It’s impossible for you to get a break in life.

Successful living is impossible for you.

Your life circumstances have made your achievements impossible.

#7. Every

Every year it’s the same old stuff.

Every time I get up to speak I freeze.

Every day is a negative experience for me.

#8. No one

No one else cares about you or your situation.

No one has experienced what you are going through…

No one can help you overcome your issues.

#9. Can’t

You just can’t get it right.

You can’t move on from your broken relationship.

You can’t make a difference because of where you are from.

You can’t do anything big because you don’t have a degree.

If you look at each of these words you might say, but, I can also use them in a positive way.

That’s possible; however, most of the time when that little voice inside talks to you these words are used in the negative context.

To ensure you are not developing a negative mindset you should avoid each of these words until such time where you can consciously make each into its positive equivalent.

I was recently on a coaching call with a client who happens to be a peak performing track athlete.

She is an amazing athlete, definitely going places. However, she’d recently undergone a major surgery to repair a torn ACL.

The recovery process was going well according to schedule.

Although the healing process was going well, she felt she was losing her edge.

The small voice in her head told her that she would never be able to compete again and win.

This became the source of her anxiety.

During the day she was continuously pelted with the above words. It was all negative.

She did not want to step back on a track if she could not win; not just compete but win.

Deep down what she needed was a reminder that she was born to compete and win.

After several coaching sessions her mindset return to that of a winning champion.

Although her healing process will take more time, she is already back on the track in her mind, winning the next race.

To ensure she maintains her edge, we perform mental edge training activities on a biweekly basis.

It’s critical to remember that your worst unproductive critic sits between your ears.

You must actively guard against the negative mindset to win when it matters most.

Question: Which word (s) does your inner voice speak to you often? How are you going to change it?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.