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We spend most of our time focusing on one-dimensional success. Truth be told, we have limited our level of success due to our limiting mindsets. In other words, we could be further along in our life journey if we changed our mindsets?


How would you like to leverage the experience of other successful individuals to expedite your level of growth?

What would it feel like if you could dive deeper on an issue you are facing in your journey and gain deeper clarity?

Do you want to challenge your limiting mindset on what you can achieve?

Do you want to be around likeminded individuals seeking to maximize their lives?

What would it feel like to have a collective group holding you accountable to your goals?

What might happen if you could leverage your collective group’s network to help achieve your life’s purpose?

Have you achieved great things and still found yourself asking…


I have success but feel totally stuck on how to design my future.


I achieved my goal and now I’m miserable.


I have achieved some of my goals but am unclear on the next steps.


I’m experiencing a forced transition (injury, laid-off, health issues)

Grow and Succeed in environment that nurtures and supports growth.

Here’s an undeniable truth about the life success you can’t afford to ignore. If you undertake serious research into the most successful people of any generation – from any walk of life – with the objective of discovering what made them as successful as they are, you’ll find an interesting commonality:

None of them did it alone.

Long before they became successful, they learned to collaborate not compete. They became part of something bigger – bigger than themselves – something that continually made them bigger and better in their thinking and their results. That something was a ROUNDTABLE

Applying To Join The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable

The Before

Lack of Awareness
Life by Default
Damaged Relationship
Limiting Mindset/Thinking

The After

Definiteness of Purpose
Increased Awareness
Life by Design
Better Relationships
Bountiful Mindset/Thinking

The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable is a WORLD CLASS and PROVEN vehicle for extraordinary life success. You’ll be immersed in the businesses and lives of those in your group, and they’ll be immersed in yours, helping you expand your thinking to overcome the inevitable problems, challenges and obstacles that get in the way when you’re on a steep trajectory of growth to phenomenal personal and professional success.

So no, this is NOT a place for wishful thinkers or “typical” performers who aren’t willing to do what it takes to enjoy OUTSTANDING success in entrepreneurial life.

The dynamics of every group are essential to its success. In a group this intimate, the character of every member has to be right. The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable is for serious players with serious ambitions who act on their convictions.  

Please click below to read the qualifying criteria BEFORE applying to ensure you’re a good fit.

Applying To Join The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable