5 Reasons You Might Reconsider How You Operate Your Life

Whо аrе we kidding? Thеrе’ѕ nо separation bеtwеen “work” and “lifе.” As a executive performance coach, mу lifе аnd wоrk are indistinguishable. Thе аnxiеtiеѕ—content deadlines, family drama, managing financial investments—аrе thrоwn intо оnе homogeneous рооl оf chronic ѕtrеѕѕ. Wоrk-lifе bаlаnсе must be simpler fоr ninе-tо-fivеrѕ, right?

A ԛuiсk work day bookended by аn hоur-lоng соmmutе рumрing thе сlutсh in ѕtор-аnd-gо. 


How Does Your Organization Matchup?

Corporate leaders can be skeptical with good reason. It appears every year, or so, another idea comes out of business schools, and academia promotes the latest fad. It translates into workshops and seminars that may go nowhere. Leaders are concerned about goals and objectives. They also want to be sure that they are not the only ones who are involved in the novel notion.

 Emotional intelligence on the surface sounds like another Harvard case study concept. However, there is more to emotional intelligence than the research. Several very important companies are promoting emotional intelligence and winning because of it. 


The Old Days of Management By Decree Are Long Gone Away

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders spend a lot of time in meetings and conferences. What most of them do not want is to have yet another training session which goes nowhere. The same applies to any skill development that appears meaningless. 

For any organization to develop emotional intelligence, the value of the exercise must be known. In other words, the “what’s in it for me?” foundation of adult learning must be clear.


These 4 EI Focus Areas Will Improve a Team's Competitive Edge

What I mentioned in the last article emotional intelligence is not a complicated process. You can develop the emotional intelligence you have, making some significant changes in certain areas, and be a more effective leader consequently.

 However, as I also mentioned earlier, developing emotional intelligence requires more than a two-day seminar. It is a process by which you can use emotional intelligence to your own advantage.


If You Don't Currently Have These Traits You, You Will Want to Develop Them

The person who first discovers literature on emotional intelligence might roll his or her eyes. It sometimes sounds like a new wave approach to meditation or consciousness raising. You have to read beyond the first paragraph to understand that emotional intelligence is something every leader needs to be aware of and cultivate.

It seems to be a common belief that a person’s IQ determines success and that is incorrect. Emotional intelligence is an intangible means by which a person handles social interactions and resolves problems.


7 Ideas Leaders Should Consider When Leading Today's Workforce

Millennials are becoming increasingly more present in the workforce. The American economy is not seen anything like this since the Baby Boomers, and the new workers are challenging management theories. Managers will have to find ways to lead these young people and try to get as much productivity out of them as possible.

The Main Millennial Traits

Millennials are very sociable and enjoy fast pace work environment. They were born and raised along with social media and are expert in the use of the various platforms.


Get Over Yourself...You Are Not That Important After All

A leader has an ego, and there is nothing wrong with that. This person wants to succeed and have the results show he or she knows how to manage people. The difficulty arises when a leader does not fully understand how to keep self-interest in check. There is a certain level of selfishness that is important, but it cannot be excessive.

Build Your Brand

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn has a free course that will get your started in building your own brand. He is the expert when it comes to building passive income. As mentioned in the smart passive income link, this is a great resource to get your from the ground floor to the level of achievement you are seeking to obtain. This course is currently FREE to take. Why not sign-up and let him walk you into your success journey. Remember we are all have our brand. What’s yours?

Start With Why (Portfolio; First Edition edition, 2009)

A very powerful read. This is a great starting point to your success journey. Really in all that you do there should be an underlying reason for doing what you do.  Many of us can say what we do and how we do it; however, the missing piece is why we do it.  This is a must have guide.  Simon has travelled the world spreading his message.  I have had the honor of hearing him live and he is genuine in work.  He also offers a course with that helps individuals discover their why. This is a MUST READ!


5 Areas a Leader Should Focus Energy to Improve Organizational Performance

A leader on paper does not mean much. A title sounds impressive, but it is not much more than an identification tag if a leader lacks certain skills. This person must be able to persuade a team of employees to put forth the effort. In some cases, this could mean a lot of productivity is expected, and a good leader must produce the results.

Fortunately, this is not impossible to do. A good leader has some motivational skills which can move subordinates forward. Motivational expertise comes from understanding the people reporting to him or her.