To apply for membership…

  • You MUST have an established business with a healthy cash flow generating profit. No exceptions. You’ve got to be able to meet the $1500 a month membership fee on a consistent and continuous basis.
  • You MUST be committed to the process, the group collectively and each member individually for the long-term. You’ll be developing close, mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships with fellow entrepreneurs – if you’re NOT in it for the long haul, do NOT apply to join.
  • You MUST be a “go-giver”, focused on the success of every member of the group. In return, every member of the group will focus on your success. It’s a win-win at every turn.
  • You MUST attend a minimum of 1 out of the 2 roundtable summits and all one-to-one and Group Accountability events.

Here’s what you’ll be getting as a member of The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable Group…

  • You’ll attend 2 intensive, 5-day Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable Summit a year at a 4-star hotel and spa situated in the Montgomery Alabama Area. Taking place twice a year, the group will meet in person, for a behind closed doors immersion on their business growth objectives and personal success goals.
  • You’ll have individual, one-to-one mentoring session with your group leader by phone every month (aside from the months when the group meets and mentors face to face in The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable summits). This 90-minute session will be laser focused on improving your thinking, raising your awareness, and accelerating your personal and business success. Your one-to-one session is recorded for continued reference and learning.
  • You’ll attend a monthly Group Accountability Meeting. Taking place via conference call, and hosted by your group leader, every member will update the group on the actions taken from the previous meeting, the results and challenges encountered, and what needs to be done next. Each member will then get input from your group leader and your peers in the group. These events are recorded and sent to all members for ongoing reference.
  • You’ll have continuous, 24 hr access to your colleagues in the group for support, updates and sharing of best practice via the dedicated Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable email discussion group. This is exclusive to members alone.
  • You’ll have “Premier Client Status”, giving you prioritized direct email support from the MT team.
  • You have access to “Emergency Mentoring”. Should the need arise for urgent support, you can request a 15-minute telephone conversation in between events with your group leader. This must be limited to one request per month.
  • You’ll have FULL Targeting Purpose™ Mastery Inner Circle (TPMIC)privileges, including:
    • Twice monthly Group Coaching and Mentoring Teleseminars giving you direct access to Malachi Thompson and his hand-picked team.
    • The exclusive TPMIC email-based discussion group where you network with like-minded business owners, share and receive best practice tips and insights, generate ideas and solutions, and get support from your colleagues, other Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable members, Malachi Thompson himself and his team. The value is unprecedented

IF you meet the above criteria, and you recognize the unprecedented life-changing opportunity the Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable brings to you and your business, please accept my personal invitation to click on any button on this page to complete and submit your application.

Every application is reviewed carefully. Please understand you’ll be entering a rigorous due diligence process. Accept or Decline, we’ll be in touch with you personally. The Targeting Purpose™ Mastermind is a true mastermind, and the dynamics of each group must be right in order for it to function at the level it has to. Consequently, every application will be assessed thoroughly.

The Targeting Purpose™ Roundtable is strictly limited to 9 people only (plus the Group Leader).

To apply for membership, click on the button below.