Winning in FastTime: Harness the Competitive Advantage of Prometheus in Business and Life (Montgomery : Venturist Inc, 2001)

My mentor John Warden delivers practical solutions for winning in our uncertain world. This book provides insight into how one of the most decisive victories in modern history, Operation Desert Storm, occurred.   His work has had a worldwide impact in military, in government, in education, an in business. Vietnam combat pilot, author, Air Force Fighter Wing Commander, credited by Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell as the architect of the Desert Storm Air Campaign, Special Assistant to the Vice President of the United States, Commandant of the Air Force’s Command and Staff College, founder of two successful companies, and consultant to some of the world’s great companies – he has capitalized on his studies and experience to create a unique approach to strategy and success applicable wherever competition exists. He offers an in-residence course to learn about this winning practical approach succeeding in business and life.  This is a MUST READ if you are looking to maintain a competitive edge in the 21st Century.

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