Man’s Search For Meaning (Beacon Press, June 1, 2006)

Viktor Frankl’s Man Search for Meaning is a awesome read for anyone that is seeking out their purpose on the planet. He shares many stories from his experiences in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. The insights that he share are priceless and will help you put your life in perspective, I know it did for me.  A man who know his why can go through any hell and persevere. There are some stories about many that died, not by the ovens or gas chambers but due to loss of purpose for living. They lost their why.  This is a powerful concept that can be applied even in our society today. Many of us travel through life empty because we do not understand our true mission with life. Life is asking something from each of us, are you listening.  I know I was taught to get the most out of life. Since reading this book, my perspective on life has changed. I now ask what does life want from me. Why did life bring me here.  A MUST READ!!

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