If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a successful, high-achiever. You are committed to winning at work, and—most importantly—succeeding with life. You strive to grow, get better, and reach your potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on your world.

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But something seems like it is missing: You feel like you are at the top of your game but not truly experiencing the picture of success you had in mind. Maybe you feel like this reader:

I tried to convince myself that I had it all figured out. I was a fast burner, promoted very well through the ranks of the organization; however, at the end of the day I felt miserable, burnout, bored, and totally empty. I have a lot of accolades to show for my great accomplishments but I am not happy with where I am at and do not feel successful. No matter what I’m doing, I feel like I should be doing something else. When I’m traveling for work, I am missing my son’s soccer game. When I make the game, I can hardly resist the impulse to pull my phone out of my pocket and check my email. I constantly wonder if I’m missing something important at work. Basically, I have been chasing the next promotion and missing out on the more important things that life has to offer.

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

  • Do you feel like your life is stuck at one-dimensional success?
  • Do you feel like you lack vision of your true purpose on the planet?
  • Do you feel like life is coming at you faster than you can manage it?
  • Do you fear the important things are falling through the cracks?
  • Do you worry that at the end of the day you will have climbed the ladder of success only to find it leaning against the wrong building?
  • Do you feel you are thoroughly unprepared to win against tomorrow’s challenges?

If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

I Know How You Feel

I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have your success outpace your ability to manage it, while still attending to the things that matter most—family, health, faith, and community. I also understand what it is like to live life that lacks purpose.

For years, I, too, struggled to get off the treadmill. Too often, my success came at the expense of my most valuable relationships.

As the leader of high performance military teams, and also a successful entrepreneur, I have faced the reality that there’s always more to do than there is time. But I also realized the answer isn’t simply to get more done. The answer it to get the right things done.

If you’re like me, that means making your relationship with God, your health, your marriage, relationships with your friends, your church, and your contribution to your community top priorities.

A Little Bit About Me

I am an executive performance edge coach, life planner, and strategist. I am the Founder and CEO of TaCAMO Strategies, a leadership development and performance coaching company. My work has had impact in business, in the military, in government, and in education.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master of Professional Studies in political management from The George Washington University, and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. My wife Courtney and I reside in Colorado with our three children. When I am not working you will find me reading, playing piano, hiking, and meditating. I am starting to learn the game of golf…more to come on this front.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through my blog, my mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to win when it matters most. From practical tools to accomplish your dreams and goals, to strategies for leadership, personal growth and development, to an intentional path of greater contribution, my goal is to empower you to win when it matters most so that you are tomorrow’s champion.

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Yes, you can win when it matters most. All it takes is definite purpose and a mentor to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, I’ll provide the second. Let’s get started.