Proven Way to Win in Fast Time

Finding the right strategy for your organization is very important because this can really shape your company’s future. That’s why getting the best strategy planning option can be a great idea, and open planning is an interesting option in this regard!

Many organizations tend to operate in silos when developing the organization’s strategy. Some argue that it is a responsibility of top brass to develop and that those in the lower echelons of the organization will be charged of implementation.

This stovepipe approach hinders the organization’s potential success in so many ways.  The end result is untapped potential (a less than complete strategy), potential slump in productivity due to buy-in, and so many other negative impacts. Open planning does the total opposite for your strategy.

Why should you use open planning when you create your strategy? Here are the six main reasons why you should opt for this approach!

1. Better Productivity

Once the leader come up with an open view on the entire idea and experience, it will be a lot easier to analyze it properly and focus on results.   However in reality, it will take quite a lot of time to devise a reliable and effective strategy. With open planning, you will not have such issues.  The leader is not the sole driver of idea generation; rather he or she might serve as a facilitator.  You will in fact reduce the amount of time it takes to develop a rather sharp strategic plan for execution.  Some might say…well I having more people will only complicate the process. In actuality, it’s a simpler, more refined approach. Time is cut by significant margins, as everyone involved will actively contribute because their ideas are being considered. With open planning, you can readily refine ideas and points made during the actual planning development process. Ultimately, it allows you to create a professional, suitable, and high-quality strategy that will indeed pay off.

2. A Natural Approach

Unlike other strategic planning methods, open planning is all about offering you great insight into the entire experience. It helps you consider an idea and study it from all its facets in order to fully understand it. Sure, it might not be as conventional as other types of planning, but if you do want a reliable strategy, open planning can definitely pay off.

3. Innovation

With open planning, you won’t have a problem welcoming innovation into your strategic assessment process. Many organizations tend to want to stick to the old methods and maxims, although today’s environment is highly dynamic. Open planning challenges this approach.  The open planning approach welcomes innovation, meaning that you will have a much better, refined, and concentrated approach in the end. This leads to a great return on investment and time well spent. 

4. Teamwork

Instead of having multiple teams competing against each other in order to find the best ideas, open planning has a different approach. It allows teams to work together in collaboration in order to devise a good, specialized strategy that will help guide the company in the future.

5. Efficiency

In today’s fiscally constrained environment every dollar count. Therefore, it is essential to effectively apply resources as required.  Studies have shown that using open planning allows companies to cut costs while also saving time. This comes from the fact that strategies are created faster and without much effort to begin with. All you have to do is to use the right approach and the results will appear much sooner than if you had used the traditional stovepipe method of planning.

6. Quality

Most of the time, open planning will also lead to getting a higher quality strategy.  You have the opportunity to leverage thoughts of numerous minds, getting the different angles which will result in a much more comprehensive strategic plan.  Plans tend to fail when there is no collaboration with the rest of the team. However, where there is a multitude of counsel and collaboration they succeed.  And since the strategy you use is essential for your organization or personal life, you can easily see why open planning is so important and why its results will definitely help shape your organization in the future.

In conclusion, open planning is a great method that you can use when you create organizational strategies. It offers efficiency and great return on investment for a small investment cost. If you really want to make the most out of your organization, we recommend that you give open planning a shot. It’s amazing and well worth your time. At the end of the day, open planning can literally change the shape of your organization, all thanks to a cleverly designed strategy. That’s why using this type of planning can really deliver amazing results, as it harnesses the creativity and uniqueness of each involved individual in order to take your company to the next level.